Bromley grammar schools 11 plus

Bromley Grammar Schools 11 Plus Exam Guide For 2024 Entrance Exam

Bromley grammar schools 11 plus

Do you want your child to apply at the London Borough of Bromley Grammar Schools? In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to understand, especially if your child is starting their Secondary School education in September 2024. 

Critical Details About Bromley 11 Plus Exams

  • The registration open date for London Borough Of Bromley Grammar Schools is 2nd May 2023 For Newstead Wood School and 12 June for St Olave’s.
  • Registration closes on 30th June 2023, Newstead Wood School, 3rd July 2023, St Olave’s School.
  • Both Grammar Schools in Bromley have their separate exam board. GL Assessment conducts Newstead Wood 11 Plus test. At the same time, St Olave’s has its test divided into two sections, Stage 1 and Stage 2. 
  • For Newstead Wood School, the exams will take place on 22nd and 23rd September 2023; St Olave’s Stage 1 will take place on 22nd September 2023; and St Olave’s Stage 2 will take place on 17th November 2023.
  • You can register through Newstead Wood School and St Olave’s School websites.
  • The test results will be announced in October 2023.
  • Students can submit the application to the local authority by 31st October 2023.
  • The National offer day takes place on 1st March 2024.

Bromley Grammar Schools

There are two Grammar Schools in Bromley. Each school has its own admissions process and transfer test. 

  1. St Olave Grammar School (boys)
  2. Newstead Wood School (girls)

Different entrance exams exist for year 7 enrollment at Newstead Wood and St. Olave’s Grammar School, but both adhere to the London Borough of Bromley’s policy registration process. The local authority (LA) requires you to submit the online application process and specify your child’s school of choice.

How To Apply For London Borough Of Bromley Grammar School

1. Register For 11 Plus Exams

You must register separately to appear in the school’s entrance exam. All the details regarding the application process are on the school website. The deadline for Newstead Wood School is 30th June 2023, and for St Olave’s School is 3rd July 2023. 

2. Apply To School Place

After taking the 11 Plus transfer test, you must include the school’s name in which your child wishes to enrol in the local authority application form

3. National Offer Day

On 1st March 2024, you will discover which school your child has been offered a place in. Depending on their admission requirements and eligibility, they will get into your preferred school.

Students will be admitted to another nearby school if no spots are available at their chosen school. You can appeal the decision before an independent panel of judges.

What Does Bromley 11 Plus Exam Entail?

There are a total of 11 tests administered by Bromley Grammar School.

1. Newstead Wood School 11 Plus

GL Assessment provides the entrance examination for Newstead Wood School. It is a multiple-choice test with two papers that last 50 minutes each. Children use an electronic answer booklet to write down their responses.

The two papers include: 

Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal Reasoning paper in the 11 Plus exam includes questions related to grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. It tests the candidate’s ability to understand, analyse, and interpret written language.

 In addition to evaluating their ability to reason logically and identify relationships between words and ideas, the test also evaluates their ability to recognise how words and ideas relate.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

The 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning paper includes questions about shapes, patterns, and diagrams. It tests the candidate’s ability to recognise relationships between shapes, patterns, and objects. Moreover, it evaluates their ability to draw logical conclusions based on information.

2. St Olave’s 11 Plus Test

St. Olave’s 11 Plus test is divided into two stages.

Stage 1

Stage 1 is called the Selective Eligibility Test, or SET.

The SET includes 60 questions divided into four parts. The session lasts one hour. Each segment has a start and end time. Calculators are prohibited.

  1. English comprehension ( Section A)
  2. Maths (Section B)
  3. Verbal Reasoning (Section C)
  4. Non-verbal Reasoning (Section D)

The Selective Eligibility Test (SET) is a multiple-choice test. There are five options, and students must pick the right one. Some questions may have two correct answers, and this will be indicated. Most questions have only one correct answer. Answers are handwritten on a separate sheet of paper, which is electronically marked.

The Maths and English sections assess learners’ Key Stage 2 knowledge and how well they can apply it. 

Stage 2

The top 450 students are eligible to take the second exam in November. The next round will consist of English papers for 60 minutes and Maths papers for 60 minutes. English papers will have a break of 15 minutes. 

The Stage 2 English paper further divides into two sections. Section 1 will include multiple-choice questions evaluating your child’s grammatical and reading knowledge. The second section gauges your child’s writing and reading skills

To pass the written section, your child must have strong spelling skills, use punctuation correctly and effectively, and use grammar flawlessly. 

Maths Topic To Prepare For SET Stage 2

The stage 2 Maths paper follows the UK National Curriculum, including Year 6 topics. Questions tend to become more complex. Students’ problem-solving abilities are examined by applying and interpreting Key Stage 2 Maths concepts in challenging and complex situations.

Number: In this section, pupils must master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers and decimals. Fractions, percentages, and calculations. 

Algebra: In Algebra, topics like coordinates, primes, multipliers, and factors are crucial, along with numerical patterns and sequences.

Shape, Space, and Measure: familiarity with 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry of line, congruence and rotation, scales and units of measurement, perimeter, and volume. 

Handling data: It will include mode, median, frequency diagrams, frequency tables, and probability. 

What Are The Pass Marks For Bromley 11 Plus Exams?

In 2024, 168 Year 7 places will be available. The school requires an average of 210 marks. Applicants must score at least this level to qualify. Ranking scores depend on the following criteria:

A child currently or previously looked after scored at least 210.

Pupil Premium or Service Premium applicants who reside within a nine-mile radius of the school must achieve 210 marks.

Next, the rank order list determines the remaining places. The school prefers pupils who stay within nine miles of the institution or whose parents are employees. Children not fulfilling these requirements have never been admitted to the school due to its high number of applicants.

What Is St. Olave’s School’s Pass Mark?

Pass marks are not specified. The top 450 applicants qualify for the second stage according to their stage 1 testing results. Applicants’ stage 2 scores are standardised and added to their stage 1 scores to calculate their overall scores. Candidates are ranked based on these scores.

At St. Olave’s School, 124 Year 7 seats are available in 2024. After admitting children with an EHCP and naming St. Olave’s School based on the standard, candidates with the highest marks are given the available seats.

Important Details About Scoring

Pupils’ entrance exam scores are standardised to ensure that children born later in the year are not disadvantageous because of their age.

School competitions are high, and many competent applicants await admission to Grammar School. So, it is crucial to research the school’s admission policy, catchment area, and oversubscription information. 

So schools prefer students residing in priority locations who score low in entrance exams to those living in distant areas. Schools also see our pupils with siblings studying in school, children with health and care plans, and looked-after kids as priority applicants.

Supporting Your Child With Bromley Grammar School 11 Plus  Preparation

Below, we will discuss some tips to guide your child with transfer test preparation in 2023: 

Cover All The Curriculum

While preparing your child for 11 Plus exams, try to cover all the elements of the Eleven-Plus curriculum. Start early and use a progressive approach to build the knowledge and expertise they need to thrive. 

11 Plus Tutoring courses cover all aspects of the syllabus and build your child’s exam techniques to maximise their learning potential. The interactive lessons give your child time to focus on their shortcomings and improve their understanding. 

Practise Exam Style Questions

Make sure your child is familiar with the exam questions and gets to solve mock test papers with expert tutors’ guidance to cover their learning gaps. At 11 Plus Tutoring, we entirely focus on growing your child’s academic potential to prepare them for exam day fully. 

Monitor Your Child’s Progress

Tracking your child’s progress regularly and promoting independent learning is vital. Regular assessments help your child stay on track and master topics to secure excellent grades in entrance exams. Our progress-tracking dashboard lets you see how your child is performing in different subjects, and the Hi-Tech platform facilitates learning with advanced learning tools. 

High-Quality 11 Plus Preparation For Bromley Grammar Schools

Revise and master Eleven-Plus topics with one-to-one live classes covering all subject areas. Our online platform provides students the support, encouragement, and resources they need to excel in Grammar School admission exams. Virtual lessons are an affordable, practical, and trustworthy way to start your 11 Plus journey. 

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