11 Plus papers, GL papers, 11 Plus GL preparation

GL 11 Plus Exams Preparation

11 Plus papers, GL papers, 11 Plus GL preparation

The methods of testing children for the 11 Plus vary depending on the examination boards and schools. However, the two main examining bodies for the 11 Plus are GL and CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring). GL assessment papers encompass English, Maths, and verbal and non-verbal reasoning exams. 

In the upcoming 2023-24 admissions season, many Grammar Schools are transitioning to GL assessments. If you’re seeking admission for your child in Year 7 starting in September 2024, they will probably be required to take a GL exam

What Does GL 11 Plus Exam Covers?

The examination encompasses all the English and Maths Key Stage 2 national curriculum lessons. It may include Year 6 topics as well that students may not have been exposed to in school, as the 11 Plus test is taken right at the beginning of Year 6.

Therefore, it is crucial to take sessions at 11 Plus Tutoring and practise exam questions as much as possible using our online resources. 

Now let’s explore the common types of questions that your child can expect in GL exams for the 11 Plus.

11 Plus GL English Exam

The GL English exam for the 11 Plus usually lasts 50 minutes and includes the following components:

Common mistakes to avoid on the 11 Plus exam can significantly impact a student’s performance. Parents and students must know these common mistakes to ensure a successful outcome. Some common mistakes include the following:

  1. Comprehension: Your child will read a 2-page document and answer 18 related questions.
  2. Word meaning: There will be 4 questions that assess your child’s understanding of word meanings.
  3. Grammar: Your child will encounter 3 questions that test their knowledge of grammar rules.
  4. Spelling: The exam will include 8 questions for your child to identify spelling errors in given sentences.
  5. Capital letters and punctuation: Your child will be asked to identify errors in using capital letters and punctuation in 8 sentences.
  6. Vocabulary: The exam will contain 8 questions where your child needs to choose the most suitable word from a provided list to complete a given sentence.
11 Plus English Sentence Completion Example:
11 Plus GL exams, 11 Plus papers, GL papers, 11 Plus GL preparation

Correct Answer: them

11 Plus GL Maths Exam

The GL maths paper for the 11 Plus typically consists of 50 questions and lasts 50 minutes. The test format often involves multiple-choice questions and assesses various areas, including

  1. Number: Fractions, decimals, prime numbers, prime factors, highest common factor, lowest common multiple and percentages.
  2. Number fluency: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  3. Basic Measurement: Money, time, the metric system, perimeter and area, distance, time and speed, and volume of cubes and cuboids.
  4. Statistics: Averages, simple ratios, column graphs, pie charts and coordinates.
  5. Probability: Evaluates the ability to work with chance and uncertainty in various scenarios.
  6. Patterns and algebra: Measures proficiency in recognising and working with number patterns and algebraic expressions.
  7. Geometry: Angle calculations, reflection and rotation and nets of shapes.

Here is the example of 11 Plus Maths GL word problem:

11 Plus GL exams, prepare for 11 Plus, 11 Plus preparation, 11 Plus exam

These are the key areas covered in the GL Maths paper for the 11 Plus exams. The exam aims to assess your child’s proficiency in these mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills

11 Plus GL Verbal Reasoning Exam

In a typical GL exam paper for the 11 Plus, there are 80 questions that need to be completed within a 50-minute time frame. The questions can be either in multiple-choice format or require your child to calculate the answers from scratch.

Below is an example question:

Choose the letter that fits into both sets of brackets. The letter should finish the word before the brackets and start the word after the brackets.

kne ( ) rong

Sno ( ) orry

Answer: ‘w’

11 Plus GL Non-verbal Reasoning Exam

The 11 Plus non-verbal reasoning exam evaluates your child’s ability to analyse visual information and solve problems using visual logic. It usually lasts for 40 minutes and is divided into four sections. The exam covers the following topics:

  1. Identifying the odd one out among a group of shapes.
  2. Determining the next diagram in a given sequence.
  3. Working out cube nets and predicting how shapes will appear when folded.
  4. Recognising mirror images and reflections of shapes.
  5. Finding two identical shapes within a series.
  6. Understanding the rotations and symmetry of shapes.

Below is an example question:

The three figures in the oval are similar in some way. Decide which one of the figures shown below is most similar to the ones in the oval.

11 Plus GL exams, 11 Plus papers, GL papers, 11 Plus GL preparation

How to Prepare for the 11 Plus GL Exams?

The optimal period to start 11 Plus preparation is during the summer term of Year 4 or the early autumn term of Year 5. Starting early and practising regularly in manageable portions will reduce stress and pressure. Here a few tips:

  • Establish a Solid Curriculum Foundation
  • Develop Effective Exam Techniques
  • Recognise and Celebrate Progress
  • Prioritise Wellbeing

Our 11 Plus tuition programme includes practice papers, online activities, and personalised Maths and English tuition, all designed to enhance their core skills. We aim to instil confidence in children, enabling them to excel in the 11 Plus exam and smoothly transition into their new school.

Are you ready to take the next step?

We’re here to support your child through 11 Plus preparation. Why not contact us?
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We have specifically tailored our 11 Plus and Entrance Exam tuition to align with local schools’ requirements. Whether your child takes a CEM, GL Assessment or local school entrance exam, we adapt our tools and advice to provide targeted exam preparation.

Our commitment lies in providing tailored support and resources that empower your child to thrive in the 11 Plus exam and succeed academically.

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