11 Plus Exam Results, When Do 11 Plus Results Come Out 2023? 11 Plus Results Explained for Parents, improve 11 Plus results

A Parent’s Guide To The 11 Plus Exam Results

11 Plus Exam Results, When Do 11 Plus Results Come Out 2023? 11 Plus Results Explained for Parents, improve 11 Plus results

The results of the 11 Plus exam can be an anxiety-inducing period for parents and children alike, particularly when you have set your sights on a specific Grammar School. To assist you in getting ready for what lies ahead, 11 Plus Tutoring has created a useful guide that explains the significance of the 11 Plus exam results and helps you plan your next course of action.

How are the results of the 11 Plus exam determined?

When your child receives their exam results for the 11 Plus, they will be provided with a standardised score. So, this score will determine whether the student is performing above or below the national average, enabling teachers to assess their performance. Standardised scores ensure that each exam paper holds equal weight when calculating the overall score.

What is the standardised score and how does it work?

A standardised score considers scores from tests with different numbers of questions and papers, producing an average score out of 100 (although in the 11 Plus exam, this average can be higher!). These scores are then organised into a lookup table (given below) based on the child’s age (in years and months) and the average score.


How does it work?

Here is a portion of a standardisation table that educational bodies utilise to compute scores. Your child’s marks on the paper (for instance, 30 out of 40) are transformed into points based on age. A specific point value is established as the passing threshold, considering the paper’s level of difficulty.

11 Plus Exam Results, When Do 11 Plus Results Come Out 2023? 11 Plus Results Explained for Parents, improve 11 Plus results

However, in some cases, 11 Plus exams are age-standardised, meaning your child’s performance level is compared to that of similarly aged students in their year group. 

This particular approach considers the varying ages within each year group, as older children may have further developed skills, such as a broader vocabulary. Therefore, age-standardised tests facilitate fair and accurate comparisons.

How is the 11 Plus score calculated?

When calculating the overall score, three factors are taken into consideration:

These factors collectively contribute to determining the final score while using the age-standardised and 11 Plus standardised score calculator.

In case you’re wondering what is the lowest and the highest 11 Plus score, the lowest score is usually 69 or 70 and the highest score 140 or 141. It is impossible to say exactly what the 11 Plus pass mark is. However, as a rough figure, a child must score about 80—85% to pass.

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11 Plus Results Explained for Parents

When are the 11 Plus exam results generally announced?

The 11 Plus results are usually announced around mid-October. These results determine whether your child will be eligible to apply for admission at one of your preferred Grammar Schools. 

Since students take the 11 Plus exams within the first two weeks of September. If you’re wondering when 11 plus results come out 2023, it is expected to be announced by mid-October.

If your child successfully passes the 11 Plus exams, you should receive information regarding the school they have been allocated to by March of the following year. 

This information allows you to proceed with the necessary steps for enrollment and admission to the allocated Grammar School.

Keep Your Child Busy On 11 Plus Exam Results Day


Undoubtedly, results day can be an anxiety-inducing time for your child. To help them cope with the news, regardless of the outcome, we suggest keeping them engaged and ensuring they are in a state where they can handle the information. Results are typically communicated through a letter, which is either given to your child at the end of the school day or received by post.

But how? First of all, you understand your child.

  • When it comes to receiving the results, observe your child’s behaviour as a guide to determine the best approach.
  • If they seem relaxed, it can be a great opportunity for them to open the results themselves and share the news, fostering a sense of responsibility and pride.
  • However, if they appear stressed, anxious, or agitated, the pressure of opening the results might only worsen their mood. In such situations, it will be better for you to open the results and deliver the news in a way that you deem suitable.

How do you receive 11 Plus results?

You could receive your child’s results or school placement through various means: by mail, email, or online (the last two options are applicable only if you applied online).

Patience is crucial when receiving these results, and it is necessary to discuss this with your children during this time. Parents should also practise patience. 

All results and school allocations are strictly withheld until the designated time and date. The admission departments of your preferred schools will only confirm after the specified time and date.

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If Your Child Passed the 11 Plus 

Many congratulations on your child’s success in passing the 11 Plus exams! It is surely an exciting time as you begin the process of applying to your preferred schools. To proceed, it is important to consult your county’s school admissions website for guidance on the next steps.

  • In some cases, schools may request an interview to assess your child’s suitability and determine if they’re a good fit for the school.
  • So, these interviews typically involve discussing your child’s academic abilities, hobbies, interests, and any extracurricular activities they may be involved in.

If your child is accepted, the school will send a conditional offer, which provides the opportunity to secure a place. Once both parties accept the offer, you will be invited to an induction day. So, this day allows you to tour the school, participate in scheduled activities and even attend some lessons.

It is important to mention that passing the exams does not guarantee admission to your preferred Grammar School.

  • Each school has its own policies; some may prefer siblings of current students, for example. Therefore, it is common for families to apply to multiple schools, allowing you to determine which specific school is the best fit for your child and their future.

As you receive 11 Plus exam results, be considerate of other parents and children who may not have been as fortunate. It is crucial to teach your child to be sensitive when returning to school, to remain humble. Moreover, they should avoid boasting to those who may not have had the same success.

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If Your Child Hasn’t Passed the 11 Plus 

We understand this news may be disappointing, but there’s no need to worry. However, you must reassure your child that this is not the end of the world. They still have several other options available to them. Stay optimistic about the situation and try to conceal any personal disappointment you may feel. 

Remember, for every eight applications, only one is successful, so you and your child are not alone in this experience.

There are still potential avenues for your child to attend one of your preferred schools through the appeal process. Additionally, spots may become available closer to September if other offers are declined. So it’s worth requesting a place on a waiting list. Also, review the appeal requirements and processes outlined on each school’s website after getting the 11 Plus exam results.

  • Explore the opportunities other local schools provide that you may have yet to consider.
  • Emphasise the positive aspects of this new adventure, such as making new friends, acquiring new skills and participating in activities that their initial choice may not have offered.

Above all, let your child know they can freely express their feelings and share any worries or concerns with you. Returning to school and discussing their results with friends can be daunting, so make strategies to deliver the news. 

How Can You Appeal Your Child’s 11 Plus Exam Results?

If you are considering appealing your child’s 11 Plus exam results, it’s important to remember that appeals are often unsuccessful. Therefore, raising your child’s hopes or making any promises would be unwise.

An appeal can only be pursued if the exam body has not followed proper procedures or if it would be detrimental to your child if they did not attend your preferred school. To have a genuine chance of a successful appeal, you must gather supporting information. It may include mock exam results, any awards your child has received, and letters of recommendation from teachers.

However, it’s essential to remember that numerous alternative options are still available for your child in case the appeal is unsuccessful.

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How Can 11 Plus Tutoring Help You?

At 11 Plus Tutoring, we recognise the significance of securing a place at your preferred Grammar School for your child’s future. Moreover, we understand that this process can be stressful, and we are here to help.

We provide exceptional tuition to help your child achieve the desired results in the 11 Plus exams. Our comprehensive 11 Plus grammar school programme covers essential subject content.

Additionally, we offer interactive classes led by experienced teachers who will guide your child throughout the exam preparation.

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