11 Plus Exam Day Tips

11 Plus Exam Day Tips For Outstanding Success

11 Plus Exam Day Tips

11 Plus is an examination taken by students in the UK to gain entry to Grammar Schools. The exam tests the student’s English, Maths, and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning knowledge. It is typically taken by students aged 11 or 12; the results determine which school the student will attend. 


This exam is often viewed as a way for students to access higher-quality education, as Grammar Schools typically have a higher academic standard than other schools. The exam is also seen as a way to provide an equal opportunity for students of all backgrounds to access this higher-level education. The 11 Plus exams require your child to have extensive knowledge of the core subjects and robust exam techniques. 

Some 11 Plus Tips For Exam Day

The 11 Plus exams will be held in September 2023. Grammar School entrance exams are always competitive, and children need comprehensive preparation. So, parents look for ways to pass Grammar School.

In this blog, we discussed 11 Plus exam tips that can practically support students in passing their entrance exams. We have a team of experienced tutors to assist your child in pursuing high-quality education. However, in this write-up, we cover 11 Plus exam day tips that can facilitate your child in passing the entrance exams.

Exam Technique #1 Expect Distractions In The Room

Expect distractions on the day of exams and discuss this openly with your child. Your toddler will be under immense exam pressure in the exam hall. During the test, it is not uncommon for children to wet themselves, gag, scream, raise their hands, and want to go to the bathroom. 

Children must answer a question every 30 seconds to a minute, so even the tiniest distraction will cause them to miss a question. It is possible to minimise children’s distractions if they are prepared to expect the unthinkable.

Exam Technique # 2 Reduce Stress And Pressure On The 11 Plus Exam Day

Keeping things enjoyable and stress-free is the key to success. There is sometimes more pressure on children studying for a prolonged period than on children who have just done a little preparation. Late starters can benefit from this.

Your child will feel relaxed if he or she knows what they are doing, feels comfortable with the plan, and goes into the exam relaxed; then, you will have done your best. Late starters don’t have the same time to study and memorise material as those who started studying earlier. 

So they don’t feel the same pressure. This can be beneficial because it allows them to go into the exam with a more relaxed mindset, which can lead to better performance.

Exam Technique # 3 Reassure Your Child

Children need reassurance that they can try without fear of failure. Don’t forget to tell them you will love them and support them whatever happens. Parents must communicate with their children to encourage them if they do not achieve their goals. 

Some children require certainty that their parents won’t be upset if they don’t perform well. It can be a good idea for some children to see the test as a positive experience rather than a test they are anxious about failing. 

Understand how they are responding and what is on their mind. As parents, you will know your child best. All we can do is emphasise that anything you can do to reduce the burden and discomfort that all children feel will help.

Exam Technique # 4 Make Your Child Has Watch On The Day Of the 11 Plus Exam

Ensure your child is wearing a watch. Depending on the setting arrangements for the exams, your child might be unable to see the clock in the exam room when solving 11 Plus exam questions. Different schools have different ways of informing students how much time is left. 


Some schools inform students after halftime, while others inform pupils before the end of the last two or one minute. Your child also must time the test since examiners may forget to make any time-related announcements.


Exam Technique # 5 Ensure Rush-Free Morning

Mornings are hectic. Make sure your 11 Plus morning is stress-free. If you are tense, your child will notice it. A feeling of urgency, dressing up, running to the car, being annoyed by other drivers, etc. 


This adds to the stress. Please try to steer clear of it. Make sure your child has enough time to wake up, eat breakfast, and get to the exam location on time. On exam day, ensure your child is relaxed and tension-free. 

Exam Technique # 6  Eat A Healthy Snack


Overeating the morning before an exam can upset your child’s stomach, so ensure your child has a healthy diet on the 11 Plus exam day. Give them a banana, shake and protein-rich breakfast to start their day.


Keep your child hydrated and give them enough water, but not too much, so they don’t go in the bathroom during the 11 Plus exam day. The day before the exam, ensure they have enough sleep and are in a relaxed mental state. 


Exam Technique # 7 Teach Your Child To Put Emotions Aside


It is usual for some children to cry. Even when the sentiments of their friends are their feelings, it is vital to teach them not to get emotionally entangled in others’ feelings. 


This teaches children to focus on their tasks and not be distracted by the emotions of others, which helps them to stay on task and not get sidetracked. It also helps them develop the self-discipline to remain focused on their goals despite external distractions.


Exam Technique # 8 Encourage Them To Stay Dedicated


It can be challenging to stay focused in an uncomfortable or undesirable seating arrangement, and it takes practice for children to learn how to do this. Encouraging them to stay focused and not be distracted by their seating situation can benefit the 11 Plus exam day.


Exam Technique # 9 Have A Discussion With the Child After The 11 Plus Exam


Having a chit-chat with your child after the exam is a good move. You will not learn about how they performed in exams. The discussion is primarily aimed at positively ending your child’s 11 Plus and taking note of any possible appeals. Reassure your child whatever went on the test, you are still proud of them.


This allows your child to talk openly about their experience and express concerns about the exam. It also allows you to gauge their understanding of the material tested and provide any additional support they may need.

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