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When Should You Start 11 Plus Tutoring?

11 Plus exam, 11 Plus tutoring, 11 Plus test, eleven Plus tutoring, starting 11 Plus tutoring, 11 Plus exam format

If your child is applying to a grammar school or a prestigious independent school, they will almost certainly need to pass the 11 Plus, or the school’s admission test, to be admitted. Many parents wonder when to start 11 Plus tutoring and how this will boost their child’s chances. Every child is unique and learns at their own pace. As a parent, you naturally want the best for your child’s education.

Your child’s unique requirements and skills are essential when deciding when to start Eleven Plus tutoring. Some children may need additional time to study for tests since they need to absorb the material thoroughly. The student’s preparation and academic development must undergo scrutiny. Burnout is a risk if you start too early, whereas inadequate time for planning is a risk if you start too late.

How Do I Know When to Start 11 Plus Tutoring for My Child?

If your child is now in Year 4, Year 5, or even Year 3 and further down, consider whether they are on the proper track for 11 Plus test achievement. While they were unlikely to require specialist 11 Plus online coaching, you may do some things with your child now to increase their chances of success!

There is no specific formula for when a child should begin 11 Plus test preparation. Your child’s present level determines what will be covered in the 11 Plus entrance test of the school to which you choose to enrol them. Consider the following:

  • Is my child doing above average in school?
  • What topics are tested at my preferred school?
  • How do I know if my child is adequate for Grammar School?
  • How can I determine if my child should take the 11 Plus?
  • Should I teach my child for the 11 Plus exam?

This will assist you in developing an 11 Plus preparation timetable for your child. If your child wants to get better, they will require at least a year of 11 Plus instruction and additional rigorous tutoring in the months coming up to the exam. As a result, Years 3 and Year 4  are the right time to begin tutoring for exam preparation.

7 Effective Tips for Parents to Start 11 Plus Tutoring

Before diving into the specifics, let’s establish what the 11 Plus exam is all about. The 11 Plus exam is a selective entrance exam conducted in the UK to determine whether a child is academically suitable for Grammar School or independent school education. It usually addresses English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Therefore, the exam is challenging and highly competitive, making early preparation crucial. When making this choice, keep the following essential factors in mind:

1. Assess Your Child’s Abilities

Every child is different, and their readiness for 11 Plus tutoring varies. Start by assessing your child’s current abilities and academic performance. Look for signs of strong problem-solving skills, vocabulary, and Mathematical reasoning. 

However, this evaluation will help determine whether your child will benefit from additional tutoring. At 11 Plus Tutoring, we provide a free assessment to learn about your child’s strengths and weaknesses and two free one-to-one lessons.

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2. Research School Requirements

Different Grammar Schools and independent schools have varying entry requirements for the 11 Plus exam. Conduct thorough research to understand the expectations and standards set by the schools in your area. This information will guide you in deciding when to start tutoring to allow your child ample time to cover all the necessary topics. 

In England, there are 163 Grammar Schools, all wholly exclusively and pick their pupils based on a variety of 11 Plus exams.

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3. Start Early But Not Too Early

While giving your child enough time to prepare is essential, starting 11 Plus tutoring too early may not be effective. Most experts recommend beginning tutoring around 12-18 months before the exam dates. However, this time frame allows steady progress without excessive pressure or burnout. This period provides a progressive and thorough approach to covering the relevant courses and developing necessary abilities. 

Our tutors will collaborate with your child to determine their strengths and weaknesses, establish personalised study programmes, and provide continuous support and assistance. You are not too late for the 11 Plus exam preparation; contact us today and start preparation with our expert team of tutors.

4. Gauge Your Child’s Readiness

Once you’ve established when to start tutoring, it’s crucial to monitor your child’s progress and readiness regularly. At 11 Plus Tutoring, our user-friendly dashboard helps parents to monitor their child’s progress reports. Adjust the intensity and pace of tutoring accordingly to ensure a healthy balance between academic and personal development.

While some students may be ready to begin 11 Plus tutoring early, others benefit from starting sooner. However, your child’s academic capacity to absorb and retain new information will significantly impact this decision. Regular evaluations and talks with their instructors may assist you in determining your child’s preparedness and identifying any areas that need more assistance.

5. Optimal Age to Begin Tutoring

The optimal age to begin 11 Plus tutoring varies from child to child. However, experts suggest that starting around Year 3 or Year 4  provides ample preparation time. This age range allows tutors to work alongside your child, guiding them through the exam syllabus, revising key topics, and honing their exam techniques.

Some children need assistance securing essential fundamental concepts to enhance their learning abilities. However, as every child learns differently, evaluating your child’s strengths and limitations is crucial before making a choice. Focus on instilling confidence in your child and encouraging a positive attitude towards the exam.

6. Understand Exam Format

Children already in Year 4 or Year 5 need to familiarise themselves with the 11 Plus exam format. Introducing them to mock exams or practice papers in a controlled, stress-free environment can be valuable. However, this helps you and your child identify potential improvement areas and tailor the tutoring approach accordingly.

One of the key benefits of 11 Plus tutoring is the development of exam technique and confidence. Our instructors assist children with the test structure, time management, and question types. We optimise test achievement by creating enthusiasm and providing excellent exam methods.

7. Learning Style & Pace

Consider your child’s preferred learning method when determining when to start 11 Plus tutoring. While some children like learning in a group environment, others do well with one-on-one coaching. However, knowing your child’s preferred learning methods will enable you to choose the tutoring strategy that maximises their success chances.

Some children may thrive with one-on-one tutoring, while others prefer group sessions. 11 Plus Tutoring offers one-on-one live tutoring lessons to cater to different learning preferences. Understanding your child’s learning style will determine the best time to start their tutoring journey.


When deciding when to start 11 Plus Tutoring, several factors must be considered. Ability, learning style, and objectives all play a role in determining when your child should begin tutoring. By partnering with 11 Plus Tutoring, you can rest assured that your child will receive the expert guidance and support necessary for exam success.

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