Pass Mark For 11 Plus In Buckinghamshire

What is the Pass Mark for 11 Plus in Buckinghamshire?

Pass Mark For 11 Plus In Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools require students to pass the Buckinghamshire Transfer Test (11 Plus exam). Granada Learning (GL) Assessment provides the Buckinghamshire test with a pass mark 121

Every Buckinghamshire pupil takes the secondary transfer test (11+) when they begin year 6 to decide what secondary school they will attend. The test is standardised so there should be no unfair advantage.

A Buckinghamshire Grammar place for September 2024 will be offered to students born between September 1 2012, and August 31 2013. It is scheduled that the Buckinghamshire 11+ exam required for 2024 will take place on Thursday, 14th September 2023. The Buckinghamshire 11 Plus application submission deadline is 31 October 2023.

11 Plus Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools Pass Rate By Location

Pass Mark For 11 Plus In Buckinghamshire

The graph above shows how many students pass the 11 Plus based on their location. Among all those who took the entrance exam in 2021, 28% qualified automatically, achieving 121 or higher score. The number of students achieving 121 or higher in Aylesbury amounted to 20%.

There is a considerable difference in comparison to other areas, especially South Bucks, where 44% of students achieve more than 121 on the 111 Plus test. The likelihoods of succeeding in the 11 Plus are higher if you live in South Bucks as opposed to Aylesbury. A lot of things contribute to this, but it emphasizes the importance of students studying before tests, whether by themselves or with a tutor. 

11 Plus Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools Results By Pupil

Pass Mark For 11 Plus In Buckinghamshire

Based on the Buckinghamshire 11 Plus Secondary Test results, below is a graph showing the percentages of students scoring highest, lowest and average score.

  • The most common Secondary transfer tests score in 2021 was 121.
  • In the Eleven-Plus, 170 was the best score achieved.
  • In the 11 Plus, 49 was the lowest score recorded.
  • 100 is the average score.

How are The Tests Marked?

GL Assessment marks the Secondary Transfer Test papers. Afterwards, the marks are standardised. Standardisation helps balance children’s progress over time.

It also ensures that all children are equally placed and that no child is unfairly favoured or underprivileged based on age. A child’s age is calculated by the date the test is taken, in terms of years and months. An individual’s ‘standardised score’ will range between 0 and 180.

The student’s average scores from the first and second Secondary Transfer Test papers are combined. This gives their standardised Secondary Transfer Test Score (STTS). STTS is determined as follows:

  • Verbal Skills compromise of 50%
  • Mathematical section of 25% 
  • The Non-Verbal Reasoning portion consists of 25%

What is The Catchment Area Of Buckinghamshire Grammar School? 

Some Buckinghamshire Grammar School catchment areas are closely defined, while others do not have catchment areas at all. A school’s admissions policy usually prioritises siblings of current students before granting admission to children living in the catchment. 

After these children, other students living near the school are awarded places. This means that children eligible for Grammar School admission and who do not live near school are not offered a place at Grammar School.

What Does The 11 Plus Buckinghamshire Test Involve? 

Buckinghamshire 11 Plus exam consists of two papers administered by GL assessment. The Buckinghamshire 11 Plus admission test assesses students Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The papers are anticipated to take about 60 minutes. 

  • The first paper assesses your child’s Verbal Reasoning competency, including comprehension passages, Vocabulary and technical English.
  • In the second paper, students must depict their knowledge and understanding of Numerical Reasoning, Non-Verbal capability and Spatial Reasoning.
  • Each paper has multiple-choice questions, and students must answer them separately.

How To Register For 11 Plus Transfer Test In Buckinghamshire?

  • You do not need to register if your son or daughter is enrolled at Buckinghamshire Local Authority Primary School.
  • Your child must register if he or she attends schools at another Local Authority.  You can find the Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Testing Registration form here.
  • Please visit the Buckinghamshire County Council website for more information about the Secondary Transfer Test.

    How Can 11 Plus Tutoring Help Your Child Prepare For the Transfer Test In Buckinghamshire?

  • Practice test papers and mock exams can help your child improve exam confidence and build their exam accuracy. 
  • A small set of practice papers will be delivered to your home address in the second term of Year 5 if your child is enrolled in a Buckinghamshire Primary School. 
  • It is crucial to begin preparing your child as soon as possible. You should begin early so your child has time to study, revise and become familiar with the 11 Plus exam format and content.
  • Our tutors can significantly enhance your child’s chances of success in Buckinghamshire 11 Plus exams, as a Grammar School exam tutor can tailor the exam learning journey for your child.

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