Best Grammar Schools In Buckinghamshire

5 Best Grammar Schools In Buckinghamshire

Best Grammar Schools In Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire has 13 Grammar Schools, nine of which are ranked in the top 100 UK Secondary Schools in the United Kingdom. These schools offer outstanding education to pupils. 

They are committed to supporting each student to reach their maximum potential. Each school is committed to building the skills and knowledge to ensure successful learning and personal development. 

In this write-up, we will discuss the best Grammar Schools in Buckinghamshire, which strive to provide an excellent educational experience for their pupils. 

List of Top 5 Grammar Schools In Buckinghamshire 


Children wishing to attend a Grammar School in Buckinghamshire must pass an Eleven-Plus exam called the Secondary Transfer Test. Most Grammar Schools in the area administer the same test The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools Consortium (TBGS) administers.

Check out this article for more information about Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools and 11-plus test preparation.

1. Dr Challoner’s Grammar School

Dr Challoner’s school has taught boys in Amersham and its suburbs for almost 400 years. The school is recognised as one of the leading state Grammar Schools in the country today and educates a wide variety of students, 1300 students aged 11-18, including girls in our mixed-gender Sixth Form. Dr Challoner’s Schools aims to prepare students for the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving world by cultivating the proper values, beliefs, and academic skills.

Town: Amersham

Governing body: Buckinghamshire County Council

Gender: Boys, Co-Educational Sixth Form

Number of students: 1,365

OFSTED Report: Outstanding

Headteacher: David Atkinson

National Rank: 28

GCSE Results: 77.1

GCSE Rank: 61

2. Dr Challoner’s High School

Dr Challoner’s High School is a leading state Secondary School with a long history of excellent academic achievements. Established in 1962, The school offers a supportive, joyful learning space to turn pupils into intellectually ambitious learners. This is the ninth school in the UK to receive this Exceptional School Award. 

Location: Little Chalfont

Governing Body: Buckinghamshire County Council

Gender: Girls 

Total Number of Pupils: 1,288

OFSTED Report: Outstanding

Headteacher: Alan Roe

National Rank: 32 

GCSE Result: 84.6

GCSE Rank: 30

3. Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School

Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School has 400 years of heritage and looks forward to educating and encouraging young minds. A state-funded school in the centre of Marlow, Borlase’s is recognised for its academic excellence and outstanding extracurricular and extracurricular programme.

Location: Marlow

Governing Body: Buckinghamshire County Council

Gender: Co-Educational

Total Number of Pupils: 1,164

OFSTED Report: Outstanding

Headteacher: Ms Kay Mountfield

National Rank: 49

GCSE Result: 79%

GCSE Rank: 51

4. Wycombe High School

Wycombe High School is a traditional Grammar School founded in 1901, and the Ofsted praised the school’s high standard of education, students’ excellent conduct and pastoral care. Academy status was granted to the school in 2011.

Location: High Wycombe

Governing Body: Buckinghamshire County Council

Gender: Girls Grammar School

Total Number of Pupils: 1,348

OFSTED Report: Outstanding

Headteacher: Nicola Renyard

National Rank: 41

GCSE Result: 82.1

GCSE Rank: 39

5. Beaconsfield High School

Beaconsfield High School is a premier educational facility dedicated to discovering and nurturing individual talent. The school boasts a modern, multicultural, welcoming, vibrant community. There are only 45 Exceptional Schools nationwide, and Beaconsfield High School belongs to that group.

Location: Beaconsfield

Governing Body: Buckinghamshire County Council

Gender: Girls

Total Number of Pupils: 1,241

OFSTED Report: Outstanding

Headteacher: Rachel Smith

National Rank: 35

GCSE Result: 80.4

GCSE Rank: 45

How Many Grammar Schools are located in Buckinghamshire? 

There are thirteen Grammar Schools which are situated in Buckinghamshire, as follows; 

  1. Aylesbury Grammar School 
  2. Aylesbury High School 
  3. Beaconsfield High School 
  4. Burnham Grammar School 
  5. Chesham Grammar School 
  6. Dr Challoner’s Grammar School 
  7. Dr Challoner’s High School 
  8. John Hampden Grammar School 
  9. The Royal Grammar School 
  10.  Royal Latin School 
  11.  Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School 
  12.  Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School 
  13.  Wycombe High School 

How to get into Buckinghamshire Grammar School? 

To get into top Grammar Schools in Buckinghamshire, your child must pass the Secondary Transfer Test at Year 7, which will be held between September 12 to 14 for students attending Buckinghamshire Primary Schools or Partner Schools. The test will consist of Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. 

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