11 Plus Mock test papers, prepare for 11 Plus mock, online 11 Plus mock test papers, what is a mock test, 11 plus mock test free, 11 plus mock exams online, 11 plus mock test booking


11 Plus Mock test papers, prepare for 11 Plus mock, online 11 Plus mock test papers, what is a mock test, 11 plus mock test free, 11 plus mock exams online, 11 plus mock test booking

Mock tests, practice papers, and past papers are highly effective resources for preparing for 11 Plus exams. We are here with this detailed blog post that will give you insights on utilising these resources to assist your child in preparing for the Grammar Schools  11 Plus entrance exams. 

Additionally, it highlights the most common mistake parents make when utilising 11 mock tests and offers guidance on avoiding it.

What are 11 Plus Mock Tests and Past Papers?

To explain what a mock test is, it serves as practice exams aimed at acquainting students with the format and content of the actual 11 Plus examination. So, they play a significant role in home study, complementing other learning materials to enhance the overall exam preparation process. 

Thus, these mock exams or practice papers are designed to align with the curriculum and structure of the real exam. 

On the other hand, past papers, although theoretically genuine exam papers from previous years, may reflect a different content than the exact content of upcoming exams.



Since exam boards introduce new tests each year, there must be more than just past papers to guarantee a comprehensive understanding of what to expect. 

Therefore, we suggest parents provide their children with different resources during the 11 Plus entrance exam preparation. We are open for 11 Plus mock test booking from June to August.

Do You Know About Familiarisation 11 Plus Papers?

Familiarisation papers or booklets are sets of sample questions that exam boards, schools, or local authorities typically provide. Although these are somewhat similar to 11 Plus mock exams and past papers, their purpose is to aid students in understanding what to anticipate in their exams. So, you can easily find these 11 Plus familiarisation papers on the websites of the targeted schools.

The availability of familiarisation papers may vary depending on the school’s chosen exam board. GL Assessment, for instance, releases a few familiarisation papers. In contrast, CEM does not publish practice materials and alters the exam format yearly to prevent a heavy focus on test preparation.

How Can 11 Plus Mock Test Papers Enhance My Child’s Exam Preparation?

Utilising 11+ mock exams at home can significantly enhance your child’s academic performance in the 11 Plus. 

Here are the key ways in which you can help achieve this:

1. Reduce Mental Stress

Mock tests are essential to the 11 Plus preparation toolkit because they minimise the cognitive load on exam day. So, students must be well-acquainted with the content and the exam format, layout, and overall experience.

11 Plus Mock test papers, prepare for 11 Plus mock, online 11 Plus mock test papers, what is a mock test, 11 plus mock test free, 11 plus mock exams online, 11 plus mock test booking

For many children, taking the eleven Plus mock exams can be their first encounter with the following:

  • Time-Oriented exams
  • Unique question styles, language, or guidelines
  • Have to manage their pace and perform under exam conditions

As newcomers to these aspects, children may expend time and mental energy navigating the test layout and deciphering question requirements.

  • Conversely, a child who regularly practises 11 Plus mock test papers whether online or nearest centres will possess the necessary familiarity with the exam.
  • It reduces their cognitive demand to a level where they can solely focus on answering questions accurately.

This highlights the importance of accuracy in practice papers for their effectiveness. Free downloadable mock exams found online are often generic and vary in quality and accuracy. 

Relying on such materials may offer more familiarity with what to expect, or worse, create false expectations leading to clarity on the actual test day.


2. Gain Confidence and Relieve Exam Stress

Exam preparation can be a source of stress and anxiety for children, as the unknown can be intimidating. However, utilising 11 Plus practice tests in a supportive environment can significantly alleviate this pressure by providing children with a clear understanding of what to expect during the actual exam. 

By familiarising themselves with the test format, content, and conditions, they can effectively reduce the likelihood of experiencing anxiety when facing the real exam.

At 11 Plus Tutoring, we prioritise the accuracy of our Maths and English mock tests, aiming to ensure that children approach the test day with confidence and a sense of empowerment.

3. Mastering Exam Techniques

On the day of the actual 11 Plus test, managing the allocated time can be challenging for students. So, this is where the practice of 11 Plus mock exams becomes invaluable.

  • Students develop essential time management skills through regular exposure to timed mock exams conducted in exam-like conditions.
  • By working within strict time limits during mock exams, students learn to allocate their time wisely across different sections or question types.
  • They become familiar with the pacing required to complete the exam within the given timeframe while ensuring accuracy.
  • This practice enables them to optimise their performance on the actual test day.

In addition to time management, 11 Plus mock test papers reinforce other vital exam technique elements. For example, students learn when to review and double-check their work. Ultimately, they become more skilled at identifying areas that require further attention or correction before submitting their answers. 

4. A Way to Assess Your Child’s Progress

Practice papers can provide valuable insight into your child’s expected performance in the actual exam based on their current level of knowledge. At 11 Plus Tutoring, our mock tests are automatically graded, generating real-time scores. This scoring system mirrors the one used in the real exam and assists in evaluating whether your child will secure a place at their desired school.

11 Plus Mock test papers, prepare for 11 Plus mock, online 11 Plus mock test papers, what is a mock test, 11 plus mock test free, 11 plus mock exams online, 11 plus mock test booking

Whether your child takes 11+ mock exams in London or any other region, there are not many changes you will see. So, taking mock test papers is a helpful indicator of your child’s progress. You can even search online ‘11 Plus mock test near me’ to see where you can enrol your child for mock exams as the entrance test approaches. 

By paying attention to their scores, you can gauge their growth and make informed decisions regarding targeted areas for further study.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing 11 Plus Mock Test Papers

There is a common misconception that repeatedly taking mock exams is the most optimal method of exam preparation. Parents and tutors often prioritise the repetition of various past papers or mock exam papers for 11 Plus revision.

However, more efficient and effective ways to prepare for exams may exist. While mock tests are valuable for practising exam techniques, they are not ideal for teaching or learning. This is primarily because mock exams are conducted under exam conditions, which means:

  1. Limited Access to Help: During mock tests, students cannot access help sheets or explanations that reinforce their understanding of specific topics. This lack of support hinders the opportunity to deepen their comprehension.
  2. Absence of Immediate Feedback: Mock tests typically do not provide real-time scoring, preventing students from promptly identifying and correcting any misunderstandings. This lack of immediate feedback limits the chance to consolidate their learning and rectify errors.

While mock exams play a substantial role in familiarising students with exam conditions, it is essential to complement them with other learning methods.

Commonly Asked Questions About 11 Plus

Utilise mock exams as a supplementary tool for refining exam techniques. Allocate approximately 1.5–2 hours weekly to exam practice, dedicating most of this time to mastering the curriculum. Add breaks during study sessions for optimal focus.
Allocate five or ten minutes to sit down with your child after a practice exam paper, discuss their answers and address any corrections. This step is crucial for reinforcing and solidifying their learning.
Enrolling your child for 11+ mock tests is advisable during March, April, May, and June. However, it’s crucial to enrol the student in a timely manner. You can email us and book your slot at [email protected].

As your child thoroughly understands the 11 Plus curriculum, we suggest taking one or two practice tests per month. However, increasing the frequency to one test per week is advisable during the crucial final six weeks. 

This accelerated pace allows children to reinforce their knowledge while simultaneously honing their exam skills and boosting their confidence. Based on our experience, maintaining this rhythm strikes a balance that ensures optimal preparation for the exam.

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11 Mock Test Areas

The following are the areas in and around London for 11 mock test preparation.

  1. Sutton Grammar School Mock Test: Held in and around the Sutton area, this mock test follows the Selective Eligibility Test (SET) format. Our website offers numerous Selective Eligibility Test (SET) Papers.
  2. Buckinghamshire 11 Plus Mock Exam: Conducted in and around Buckinghamshire, this mock test follows the GL Assessment format.
  3. Berkshire 11+ Mock Test: This mock test takes place in and around Berkshire and adheres to the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) format.
  4. Hertfordshire 11+ Mock Exam: Administered in and around Hertfordshire, this mock exam follows both the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) and GL Assessment formats.
  5. Kent 11 Plus Mock Test: This mock test is available in and around Kent and is structured following the GL Assessment format.
  6. Essex 11+ Mock Exam: Held in and around Essex, this mock exam follows the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) format.

Get online mock test papers

If you’re searching for precise online mock exams, 11 Plus Tutoring is here to assist. Our platform offers unlimited online 11 Plus mock exams meticulously designed to replicate the style and structure of your desired schools’ entrance assessments. 

With our up-to-date and reliable mock tests, your child will confidently approach the exams. Our collection includes customised mock tests catering to all Grammar Schools in England.

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