11 Plus Buckinghamshire

11 Plus Exam In Buckinghamshire: 2024 Entry Guide

11 Plus Buckinghamshire

Your child must pass the 11 Plus Buckinghamshire Transfer Test to qualify for admission to a Buckinghamshire Grammar School. GL Assessment administers the 11 Plus Buckinghamshire exam, and the score required to pass is 121

Buckinghamshire Grammar School places for September 2024 will be open to children born between September 2012 and August 2013. Buckinghamshire’s 11 Plus exams will occur on Thursday, September 14, 2023.

Details About Buckinghamshire 11 Plus Exam

Registration opening date: May 5, 2023

Registration close date:  June 16, 2023

Governing Body: Buckinghamshire School Councils for admissions

Exam board: GL Assessment

Results: October 13, 2023

National offer day: March 1, 2024

What Does the 11 Plus Test In Buckinghamshire Assess? 

English comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning and Maths are examined in the secondary transfer test in Buckinghamshire.

Each exam is completed in about an hour, including 15 minutes for reviewing instructions and solving sample questions and 45 minutes to answer questions in the test. Answer sheets are provided for each student, and all questions are multiple-choice.

1. English Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning

The first paper will evaluate your child’s technical English and Verbal Reasoning skills. Students will need to find answers from the comprehension paragraph, which will assess the child’s choice of words, punctuation skills, and vocabulary choice.

Hence, your child must develop strong spelling competency and grammatical know-how to pass this exam. The Verbal-Reasoning portion will test pupils’ skills rather than their subject knowledge. The pupils will need to reach conclusions based on written instructions and words.

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2. Non-Verbal Reasoning and Maths

The first section of the second paper will begin with the Non-Verbal Reasoning questions. Strong numerical skills, along with superior problem-solving and spatial awareness, are required by students to perform well in this section.

The learners are given puzzles and incomplete information, which they are required to identify and correct. These questions test a child’s logical thinking, requiring regular practice practises. 

Your child will be tested on their Key Stage 2 Maths knowledge in Paper 2. You will also need to prepare your child for concepts that he or she has not yet encountered in the classroom, such as ratios, percentages, and algebra, so again, home preparation is critical.

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What is The Pass Mark for Buckinghamshire11 Plus Exam? 

The pass mark for the Secondary Transfer Test in Buckinghamshire is 121. The three sections of the test are weighted as follows: 

  • English and Verbal Reasoning constitute 50% of marks
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning comprises 25% of marks
  • Numerical Reasoning includes 25% marks 

All raw scores from each section are standardised to avoid bias due to age disparities, thereby determining your child’s Secondary Transfer Test Score. Grammar school admission is offered to children who score above 121. 

However, passing the entrance exam does not guarantee a place at the school of your choice. You must submit your applications via the Local Authority Common Application Form (CAF) no later than 31st October 2022. For children who have achieved the qualifying score of 121, the Grammar Schools will admit them in accordance with the priority criteria set by the school.

How to Apply for Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools’ 11 Plus Exam?

The 11 Plus Secondary Transfer Test is automatically offered to primary school students in Buckinghamshire. The Bucks online application portal is required for non-Buckinghamshire residents seeking admission to Buckinghamshire schools. 

May 5, 2023, is the opening date, and June 16, 2023, is the closing date for registrations in the 11 Plus exam at Buckinghamshire Grammar School.

How Can I Support My Child’s Preparation For The Buckinghamshire 11 Plus Tests?


1. Build Their Exam Technique: Prepare your child for all types of questions they may encounter on the test so there are no surprises. It will ease their stress on the day and give them the confidence to excel in the exam.

If your child studies at a Buckinghamshire primary school, you will receive a sample of practice papers for them to prepare during the summer break of Year 5.

2. Build their Vocabulary: Pleasure reading is a great way to develop your child’s vocabulary and help them understand better how words can be applied in different contexts. It also helps build their reading confidence and encourages them to explore new topics. 

3. Personalise their learning Journey: Set realistic goals and monitor their progress to ensure a smooth learning experience. At 11 Plus Tutoring, we offer tailored academic guidance and adapt lesson plans to meet the individual needs of each student.

Why Choose 11 Plus Tutoring For Entrance Exam Preparation In Buckinghamshire?

  • We have fully experienced and expert Primary School mentors to get the most out of your child.
  • One-to-one classes provide individual attention to pupils and prepare them for success in the 11 Plus Buckinghamshire exam.
  • The 11 Plus National Curriculum is personalised and geared towards meeting your child’s entrance exam goals. 
  • An initial assessment to gauge your child’s current understanding level and plan a structured study plan to cover their knowledge gaps. 
  • Homework, live face-to-face interaction, personalised feedback, and classroom activities for enhanced productivity 
  • Bespoke study resources, worksheets, academic materials, and weekly assessments to keep your child on track 
  • Realistic Eleven-Plus mock exams in Buckinghamshire for excellent preparation.

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